Phillips Retail Store

At Phillips Meat Market you can expect to get the highest quality meat and deli. We also have a variety of retail items to complement your meat purchases. We have seasonings, sauces from mild to extra hot, Barbeque condiments and weekly specials and sales, so come on in and see what were serving up this week!

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Weekly Sales

Customer Appreciation Day

Date: To Be Announced

**Company News**

        Over the next few weeks we will be beginning the process of expanding and renovating our shop. During this upgrade we are adding new machinery and square-footage in order to provide you with the best possible experience and quality.

Weekly Specials

   Pork Spareribs                                          $.99lb

   Pork Cube Steaks                                     $3.39lb

   Beef Short Ribs                                         $3.29lb

   Burgandy Flavored Beef Kabob Meet  $5.99lb

* While Supplies Last!