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Beef Products

Our beef is supplied by local farmers. All steaks are hand cut to order.

1lb Ground beef $4.50lb

1lb 4oz Ground beef patties $4.69lb

5lb 4oz & 8oz Ground beef patties $4.49lb

Flank steak $9.93lb

Beef brisket $7.99lb

Ribeye steaks $14.99lb

New york strip steak $13.99lb

T-Bone & Porterhouse steak $13.66lb

Filet Mignon steaks $17.99lb

Sirloin Steaks $8.99lb

Round Steak $5.49lb

Cube Steak $5.99lb

Rump roast $5.50lb

Italian steak hoagies $4.95lb

Soup bones $1.99lb

Sliced liver $3.99lb

Chuck Roast $6.15lb

Other products available stop in the store to see everything we have to offer.*Prices are subject to change without notice*