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Pork Products

All of our meat is hand cut to order, and supplied from local farmers.

1lb Sausage $4.05lb
4oz Sausage Patties $4.30lb
5lb 4oz Sausage patties $4.23lb
Bacon Patties $4,59lb
Bratwurst $4.72lb
Bratwurst Patties $4.39lb
Mild Italian Bratwurst $4.72lb
1lb Mild Italian Sausage $4.05lb
Hot Italian Bratwurst $4.72lb
1lb Hot Italian Sausage $4.05lb
Breakfast Sausage Links $5.44lb
Shoulder Roast $4.17lb
Country Ribs $5.39b
Pork Chops $4.99lb
Bnls. Chops $5.59lb
Pork Cube Steaks $5.89lb
Spareribs $2.99
Sliced Freshside $5.48lb
*Whole Pork Butt $3.85lb*
*Whole Pork Loins $5.51lb*
*Whole Freshside $4.99lb*
*Special order products*
Other products available stop in the store to see everything we have to offer.*Prices are subject to change without notice**Online pricing will vary**