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Smoked Meats

All of our smoked products are made in house and hand blended with our recipes.

1lb Hickory Smoked Bacon $5.99lb

1lb Pepper Bacon $5.59lb

1lb Maple Bacon $5.99lb

1lb Beef Bacon $6.99lb

Whole Smoked Ham $2.99lb

Ham Slices $3.99lb

Ham Ends $1.99lb

Smoked Jowl Bacon $3.99lb

Smoked Ham Hocks $2.59lb

Smoked Bratwurst $5.69lb

Smoked Pork Chops $5.99lb

Sliced Canadian Bacon $6.99lb

Snack Sticks $1.99pk

Fully Cooked Bacon Patties $5.99lb

Lunch Meats

Sliced 1lb Jalapeno & Cheese Bologna $6.99lb

Sliced 1lb Bologna $6.78lb

Sliced 1lb Spice Loaf $ 5.99lb

Sliced 1lb Breakfast Loaf $5.99lb

Sliced 1lb Roast Beef $6.99lb

1lb Snack Bologna $5.99pc

1lb Snack Bologna with Cheese $5.99pc

1lb Snack Bologna with Cheese and Jalapeno $5.99pc

Hot Dogs & Kielbasa

8 to 1 Hot Dogs $4.99pk

Natural Casing Hot Dogs $5.99pk

All Beef Hot Dogs $5.99pk

Kielbasa $5.99pk

Kielbasa with Cheese $5.99pk

Kielbasa with Cheese and Jalapeno $5.99lb

Other products available stop in the store to see everything we have to offer.Prices are subject to change without notice