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2790 Ridge Rd. Zanesville, Ohio 43701
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Custom Processing

Our plant is under full Federal Inspection. We have a state of the art Kill Floor & Processing Floor. We also do all of our own smoking.Our processing is $0.68lb.

Hog Slaughter Fees $60.00 Spiral Slice $5.00 per ham

Hog Cutting & Packing Fees $0.68 Hanging Wt.

Fee For Patties $0.75/lb Sausage Links $1.50/lb

Smoking of Hams $19.00 Per Ham Cube Steaks $0.75/pk

Bratwurst $1.50/lb Smoking of Bacons $14.00 Per Bacon

Hog Environmental Fee $30.00 per hog

Lamb and Goats Slaughter and Processing $100.00 flat fee plus a $20.00 environmental fee.

Beef Slaughter Fee $75.00

Beef Cutting and Packing Fees $0.68/lb Hanging Weight

2 Patties Per Pack $0.95/lb

One Steak Per Pack $0.20

2 Chops Per Pack $0.20

Stew Meat $1.00/lb after 5lbs

Cube Steaks $0.75/pk 

Fee for Patties $0.75/lb

Beef Environment fee $50.00 per beef